Planning To Be A Snowbird When You Retire? Here Are A Few Tips For Managing Two Homes

One of the great things about being a snowbird with a winter home in a warm southern location, is you can carry on with your usual life without worrying about hotel restrictions. When you go to your warm locale for the winter, you can putter in your yard, grow plants, entertain, and decorate your home any way you wish. However, the downside to owning homes in two geographic locations is the property maintenance when you’re away.

Low Mortgage Rate Not Necessarily The Best Loan Deal

When shopping for a home loan, with the help of businesses like The Mortgage Shoppe, getting a low interest rate doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’re landing the best deal. While a lower interest rate will lower your monthly payments and the amount of total interest you pay over the life of the loan, it helps to compare what several mortgage lenders or brokers are offering. Frequently, there are additional costs involved that might not sit well with your finances.