What Type Of Home Security System Do You Need?

Home security is a priority for all citizens, whether they own a modest home or a sprawling estate. Keeping your family and your possessions safe does not have to impose a financial hardship on you. There are multiple ways to keep criminals out of your home.

Canine Protection

Dogs do provide some protection for your home, even smaller dogs that raise a ruckus when someone tries to get into your house. Thieves cannot know if your dog is dangerous or not if they cannot see the animal. Also, they are afraid that the noise will raise the attention of the neighborhood. Dogs still require a financial investment, however. The ASPCA estimates that a large dog costs you $1843 in the first year that you own them. 

Unmonitored Alarm System

You can also invest in an unmonitored alarm system. This includes installing alarms on your windows and doors that will set off a shrill and loud noise if someone attempts to breach your home. You can also expand this system to include your smoke detectors. This type of system is generally affordable for many homeowners, but only serves to warn you and hopefully scare off intruders. You will have to call the police yourself if someone tries to break in. 

Monitored Alarm System

A monitored system offers you the highest level of protection. The alarms are monitored at a central location, so that if someone enters your home while the system is engaged, your security company will call your home to see if it is a false alarm. If necessary, they will contact the authorities. According to the experts, thieves who manage to enter homes with these systems do not "get away" with as much of your property. Once they see that you have a system, they leave as quickly as possible. After your initial investment for the alarm system equipment, you will have to pay a monthly fee for the monitoring. 

Everyone wants the highest level of security for their homes, but your budget may determine what system you choose. You can afford some protection, however, even if you just invest in a dog. Vigorous barking can discourage many thieves. An unmonitored alarm system offers you a bit more protection while a monitored system gives you the highest level short of hiring your own security guards. Research your options and then contact a security expert in your area. 

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