Four Sneaky Turn-Offs Every Restaurant Seller Needs To Know

When you are trying to liquidate the previous building that housed your restaurant, it is no big secret that there are things that can make buyers take one look and run in the other direction, such as major structural flaws or even a few years worth of grime and dirt. However, once the big problems are out of the way in your attempts to make sure your building is ready for the commercial real estate market, there are some sneaky little turn-offs that will require your attention.

1. Bad Lighting - Bad lighting is a big deal in any building where food will be served. Poor lighting causes a place to look dingy, outdated, and even dirty. Just by making a few lighting upgrades you can make a much better impression on buyers. For example, you can swap out old light bulbs for cool-burning LEDs that create an even lighting effect and offers a brightness that is much less likely to make your commercial property appear grim. 

2. Bold Colors - That bright red, golden yellow, or neon pink may have perfectly coincided with your business, but there is little chance that the same color scheme will work for a prospective buyer. Before listing your property, it is a good idea to get rid of bold-colored paint by covering painted surfaces with more neutral tines, like white or beige. 

3. Odd Odors - In a restaurant, odors are almost unavoidable, and what smelled really nice when you were in business in the building could leave the building saturated with an odor that is anything but pleasant. Before you allow interested buyers into the building, do what you can to eliminate strange odors that may be hanging around. In some cases, just allowing the building to air out by opening up doors and windows will help, but if the odor is really strong, you may have to go through the building cleaning with vinegar and water to neutralize odors. 

4. Lush Landscaping - You may think that all of those years of work that you put into creating the perfect landscape at your business will be appreciated by a potential buyer, but this is one feature that can actually get in the way of making a sale. Lush landscaping often looks like a lot of time and hassle to a busy business buyer. Therefore, it could be worth hiring a landscaper to scale down the plants, trees, and shrubbery just a bit. For assistance, talk to a commercial real estate professional.