Four Low-Cost Ways To Make An Outdated Apartment Feel Brand New

Moving into an older apartment can be a major change if you are used to living somewhere with a modern appearance. Instead of feeling discouraged about the change in your living arrangements, consider looking into what kind of changes you can make that will not break the lease with your new landlord. Even with a low budget set, you can tackle the following four projects that will greatly improve the appearance of your apartment.

Replace the Window Treatments

It is common in older apartments for the windows to be dressed with plastic white blinds- a feature that can make the apartment appear even older than it is. In order for the apartment to feel more modern, consider changing out the blinds for wood shutters or covering them up with curtains. When choosing new window treatments, look for interior design magazines and local retailers for inspiration on what is currently trending.

Use Rugs and Pictures for Disguising Outdated Features

From holes in the walls to hardwood flooring that is scratched and beyond repair, you may be frustrated by some of the features in the apartment that are noticeable as soon as you walk in.

In order to spruce up the apartment, consider placing a rug over the worn-out areas of the flooring and hanging pictures over any holes that cannot be patched up. This will help clean up the apartment and give it a touch of your own personal style as well.

Check with Your Landlord About Painting

One of the most dramatic changes you can make in an apartment is adding a fresh coat of paint. While painting can update the apartment significantly, you need to first make sure that you are allowed to paint. Checking your lease and contacting the landlord can help give you the go-ahead to begin painting.

Dress Up the walls with New Shelving

Another way to spruce up the apartment is by adding storage in the form of new shelves. With new shelving, the apartment can feel modern and will give you extra storage space that you may have been missing. In order to add shelves without damaging the walls in the apartment, you will only be able to use lightweight shelves that will not need large brackets so that the holes can be easily patched.

With all the easy changes you can make to your apartment after moving in, there is no reason to feel frustrated that the place feels outdated or impersonal. By focusing on updates that will not damage the apartment and are affordable in cost, you can begin to feel at home right away. And, knowing what kinds of changes you can make may also open up your options as you look for apartments for rent in your area.