Safety Tips For Preventing A Fire In Your Home

Home fires are one of the most common causes of injury, death and property loss each year. Often these fires occur due to homeowners not being aware of certain fire hazards in their homes. These are some safety tips for preventing home fires from occurring. 

Cooking Safety 

Always remain in the kitchen when frying, grilling and broiling foods. Do not go outside the home when baking, roasting or boiling foods. Be sure to use correct temperatures on your stove and set timers to the correct times as directed. Keep any flammable items, such as pot holders, dish towels and plastic containers stored away from the stove. 

Heating Safety 

If you heat with a fireplace, be sure to keep the area clean and free of dust and debris. Use a fireplace screen at all times and never leave your fire burning when you are not at home. Be sure to turn off kerosene heaters, space heaters and other portable heaters off when you leave home. All portable heaters should be equipped with a safety shut off that turns them off if they get knocked over.

Whether you heat with electric, gas, wood or kerosene always keep all flammable items several feet away from your heat source. This includes curtains, furniture, clothing, newspapers and anything that can catch fire quickly. Teach children to stay a safe distance away from heating systems, and do not allow pets to play near them.

Smoking Safety  

If possible, always smoke outside. Be sure you have a bucket filled with sand to put cigarettes out safely. When smoking indoors, do not smoke in bed, or when you are sleepy or under the influence of medications that make you drowsy. Check under sofa and chair cushions to ensure no burning cigarette butts have been dropped.

Electrical Appliances 

On occasion, check all the wires and plugs to electrical appliances and other electrical components throughout your home to ensure they are not frayed or broken. This includes small and large kitchen appliances, computers, lamps, televisions and all items that are plugged into electrical outlets.

Fire Alarms  

Fire alarms should be installed on every level of your home. These need to be placed in bedrooms, kitchens and near your homes main heating source. Test the fire alarms frequently and if they do not work, replace the batteries right away. Consider having a company like 4 Seasons Fire Prevention Services Ltd install your fire alarms so you're sure they are properly placed.

Fire Escape Plans 

Plan a fire escape plan with your family so they will know how to get out of the home should a fire occur. Draw out a map of the escape plan and tape a copy of it on various walls throughout your home where you and your family will see it on a regular basis. Be sure to go over the escape plan with young children often.

It is also important to keep matches and lighters stored away in a safe place where children cannot reach them. Do not leave candles unattended and do not burn them near curtains, tablecloths, paper or other flammable materials.