Is There An Unwanted Mouse In Your House?

As the weather turns cool, mice will see your home as a comfortable alternative to staying outside. Once inside, they'll begin the quest for food and nesting materials, leaving a mess in your house. Here is how to spot the signs of these rodent pests and how to get rid of them.

Strength in Numbers

Your mouse population will grow quickly, with a single female producing up to six pups every three weeks. She can give birth to nearly three dozen mice each year. If you can spot the mice soon after they arrive, you may be able to trap them yourself and get rid of the population. But even after just a few days, the mice will become established and it will be time to call a pest control service.

Signs of Mice Activity

If you suspect mice in your house, don't limit your search to the floor level. Mice are good climbers and jumpers. They can fit their bodies through very small openings. This means your kitchen cupboards, book shelves and other high places are at risk of harboring mice. They do prefer dark and quiet locations, which makes a shoe box on the upper shelf of a closet an ideal place for a nest of mice.

Look for the following signs of a mouse presence:

  • Dark droppings about the size of a grain of rice. 
  • Wood, paper and cardboard with chew marks.
  • Cloth, paper and other fibrous items that have been shredded for nesting material.
  • Dirty footprints across the floor.

DIY Trapping Tips

If you decide to try trapping the mice, follow these tips to be most effective:

  • Set multiple traps along any path you think the mice favor.
  • Wash your hands or use gloves to set traps so you don't pass on your scent.
  • Remove any trapped mice immediately as others will avoid that area as long as the body is present.
  • Wear gloves when removing a dead mouse so the body doesn't transmit a parasite or disease to you.
  • Reset traps in the same area because the mice will learn to avoid that path to a food source.
  • Continue setting out traps until you don't see mice for several days.

When You Can't Keep Up With the Mice

If you continue to set out traps and catch mice for several days, they are likely outnumbering you. It's time to get help from a pest control service like Academy Pest Control Ltd. They will track down the nests and remove the breeding individuals. The service will spray your home's foundation and any favorite mouse paths to prevent the movement of mice into and through your house. The technician will also give you advice on how to store potential food items to cut off the source for the mice.