3 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Storing Your Belongings

Storing your items doesn't have to be a worrisome thing. Many people successfully store their precious items without any problems, because they know how to properly care for those items before and during storage. If you want to protect your belongings, there are a couple of mistakes that you should avoid. Here are some things to know.

1. Never Store Your Furniture and Precious Items Directly On The Floor

Most storage units are made of concrete. This is great because it protects the items, and is safer from thieves. However, it is not ideal for your furniture and things like musical instruments, such as pianos. When you place the items belongings directly on the floor, it leaves them susceptible to the temperature changes in the concrete. Your leather will crack, your wood will expand and shrink and your musical instruments will go out of tune and the wood on them can become damaged. This is why you should always prop up the furniture and other items on blocks or even on another storage item. This will ensure that they are protected while being stored.

2. Not Polishing the Surfaces Before You Store Them

Polish does more than just make the surface look nice; it also acts as a protective layer between the item and the elements. When you polish wood it helps to protect it from moisture, dirt, and temperature. The wood can easily shrink and expand as the humidity changes, as well as crack and break. If you polish the wood right before you put it in storage, it will be better protected and even if the temperature and humidity does change, it is less likely to be damaged.

The same goes for any leather. Leather polish will keep the leather from cracking. Many people notice that their leather furniture is ruined after they store it, this is because they didn't polish it and they put it in a unit that didn't control for the climate.

3. Not Covering Their Belongings

Even after you polish you should still cover the items. This doesn't mean that you should take plastic wrap and tightly wrap it, instead you should loosely drape sheets and fabric over them. You want to protect the items from dust and dirt, but you still need there to be enough space so that oxygen can pass through. If oxygen can't get through the furniture will become ruined. Thus, invest in some fabric and sheets and drape everything.

By avoiding these mistakes you can protect your precious belongings while you store them in Richmond storage