Cleaning Printer Ink From Upholstered Furniture And Carpet

Pinter ink often finds its way onto things that it shouldn't. If you have printer ink on upholstered furniture and carpet, you can get it off. Below, you will find one method that will help eliminate the ink.

Tip: Removing printer ink from upholstered furniture and carpet is easiest and most effective if you act quickly. The very minute you see the printer ink, take action!

Clean With Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can be quite effective in removing ink from carpet and upholstery, but before you begin using the rubbing alcohol, use a few wads of paper towels to dab the spot and absorb as much of the ink as possible.

Tip: To prevent spreading the ink spot, use duct tape to frame the ink spot. Creating a border around the ink spot with the duct tape will help to prevent the ink from spreading as you work to remove the spot.

Once you have absorbed as much of the ink as possible, dampen a cloth with rubbing alcohol and dab the spot repeatedly. When the cloth becomes discolored with ink, put it in a bucket for cleaning later, dampen a new cloth with the rubbing alcohol and continue blotting the spot. This can take quite a while, and you will go through several cloths, but eventually, the ink will come off.

After the ink spot is gone, get a bucket of very hot water, a pair of rubber gloves and some more clean cloths. You want to rinse the rubbing alcohol from the spot to avoid the carpet and upholstery from becoming discolored from the alcohol residue remaining after the cleaning is complete. Dip the cloth in the water, wring out as much water as possible and blot the spot several times. Repeat the process until the smell of rubbing alcohol is no longer present.

Now that the spot is gone, it is time to get the carpet and upholstery to dry. Use a wet-dry vacuum to suck as much moisture out as possible. Once you have extracted all of the removable moisture, place a fan in front of the piece and let it blow it dry.

If your attempt to remove the ink has failed, contact your local carpet cleaning professionals. Ink doesn't have to mean the end of your upholstered furniture, but it can take some time, effort and knowledge to get the ink to completely come off of the surface, especially if the ink has dried before you found the spot.